You think that ice-cream is only a pleasure and just for fun, it is not true. Like in an ancient time nowadays SOPRANO ice-cream cafe put chocolate, nuts, fruits in their ice-cream, moreover flavor and decorate ice-cream with cream, biscuits, different syrups and even liqueur.

 An ice-cream made like this can be also useful for health. Have you ever thought what happens to milk, honey and eggs, cream or yoghurt, fruits or nuts to become colorful and tasty ice-cream? Even with modern equipment it is not so easy to produce an ice-cream that is why to get perfect quality and taste ice-cream, products have to be chosen carefully; moreover it is important to prepare products accurately and responsively for each production stage. 



Natural and good quality ice-cream should be made out of fresh milk, which include a lot of nutritional elements useful for our health. The most important element is calcium - necessary as for kids as well as for adults. The so called "noble" protein is essential for growth, while lactose, which is a component of protein and which is dividing into glucose while eating, is an excellent source for neural cells to get energy and vitality. There are also important vitamins A, B, D and mineral salt in the milk.

It is possible to write whole encyclopedia about fruits and nuts nutritional and preventive value, because their variety provide us an opportunity to enjoy different tastes and their features. Everybody knows that fruits and nuts are full of mineral substances, vitamins, natural sugar. The biggest part of nuts consist of fat, which is full of acid - omega-6 and omega-3, human organism cannot produce this kind of fat, that is why it is so important to get it from food. 
Therefore SOPRANO ice-cream is not only a pleasure, but also an important part of nourishment!

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