About Ice-cream

Nowadays it is very hard to say what is true or what is only a legend  in stories about ice-cream origin, however even ancient  nations felt huge need for ice-cream, even in warm and sunny days.

Chinese people enjoyed snow or granulated ice and ice-cream mixture with flavored fruits and pomegranate granules. Arabian enjoyed ice-cream mixture with a parts of ice-field, while there was  very popular refreshment drink made of frozen fruits and fruit sauce mixture with sugar and sometimes with alcohol in Near East, Middle East and Far East.

Eastern nation's habit to frozen juices and fruits was brought to Rome with the generals and soldiers from East and later this habit was brought to Europe.  Slavonic countries made another kind of ice-cream, which was very popular in their countries. It consisted of frozen shredded milk or frozen curd, honey and mixture of milk and dried fruits.

Italy is fatherland of SOPRANO ice-cream. Even during Rome Empire times aristocrats could taste fruits and berries cooled in ice or snow, which was a dish serving during feasts. Although there is a big difference in ice-cream recipes between nowadays and ancient time, however one thing left unchanged - ice-cream should be made only from natural and fresh products. Every day our ice-cream cafes produce ice-cream only from natural and fresh products, using Italian traditions and ideas to create Soprano ice-cream.

You will find the widest variety of ice-cream and ice-cream dessert in SOPRANO ice-cream cafe in Pilies St. in Vilnius. We also invite you to enjoy a big choice of ice-cream and its desserts in ice-cream cafe at shopping centre "Panorama" in Vilnius, "Akropolis" and "Mega" in Kaunas. You are always welcome to indulge yourself with colorful ice-cream of your favorite taste at shopping center "Akropolis" avenues in Vilnius or Klaipeda, and also at "Outlet Park" in Vilnius.


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