Soprano- real Italian Ice cream! Every day fresh! Try it, because it is a life pleasure!

Originally SOPRANO ice-cream is from Vittorio Venetto region in Italy. SOPARNO ice-cream appeared in Baltic States in 2003 and immediately became very popular among people. We make our production using old Italian family Diego Zanchetta traditions. Every morning SOPRANO ice-cream are fresh and natural, because we are the only one in Lithuania using fresh fruits and berries to produce fruit ice cream and fresh milk with cream for milkshakes. We want our customers to feel the real and unique taste of natural homemade ice-cream.

NEW ice cream house at shopping center "Parkas Outlet" in Vilnius

Welcome to our newest ice cream house SOPRANO at shopping center "Parkas Outlet" in Vilnius

The biggest choice of ice cream in Lithuania

"Soprano" offers ice cream of 36 tastes in one place and fresh frozen yoghurt with wide assortment of toppings, fruits and flavourings.

RECOMMENDATION - ice cream is even better with flavourings

Flavour your favourite ice cream with colourful sugar sweets, nuts or whipped cream and enjoy the newly discovered taste

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